Why craft beer is unique


Many men and women enjoy a pint of beer on a regular basis. This alcoholic beverage has been around for centuries and has taken many forms before it has arrived at what we see today. Buying a six pack n the way home to enjoy the game or just relaxing has become a common practice among many. Lagers, pilsners, light, dark strong and many other categories of beers are now commercially available in almost any convenience store. But if you want something unique the Craft Beer Shop Köln is where you want to go.

What is craft beer?aa05

Craft beer or microbrews are beers that are made in small breweries often owned and handed down through generations by families. These beers are nothing similar to the ones you can buy commercially in a supermarket. They are produced with flavor and quality in mind, and therefore they taste entirely different to what you may know.

A little history

Even though it has been around for a while, the trend of brewing beers on such a small scale started in the 1970’s in the UK. The craze caught on rather fast, and now you will see many small breweries dotted across the world. There are many of these microbreweries that only sell their beers in a pub that is located at the brewery. The big beer companies saw a significant demand for these beers because they actually lost sales by people moving to these craft beers even though they cost more than what the corporations were supplying.

The large companies started investing and even buying out small breweries that manufactured these microbrews.

How to buy craft beer

aa06You will not find these beers in your regular shopping centers. There may be some liquor shops that would carry them but you will be lucky if they last long as many people will snatch them up fast. If you do an online search, you will see that there are a few specialized shops that deal only with craft beer. They have contacts with many microbrews, and they will consistently stock a wide variety so that you can try not just one but many different flavors of the craft beers. Each one will have its unique tastes, and you will soon be one of those who prefers to pay the little extra for a better quality brew. Try a craft beer today and you will also know the quality and taste it delivers.